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Mary Beth Kushner is a self-taught abstract artist who lives and works in Rochester, NY. For Mary, painting affords the opportunity to truly live in the moment. When she enters her studio nothing else matters. She invests her whole being in each brush stroke, letting the ego fall away and awarding each thought and inspiration a chance to influence her painting.

Painting awoke a part of Mary that illness shut down, that is the ability to connect to her inner passion and instill serenity in her surroundings. Mary discovered the healing powers of art in 2007 while on the road to recovery from serious illness. Since then, Mary has endeavored to ensure that each creation reflects a free and uninhibited exploration of color and texture.

Mary holds a full-time position as an Occupational Therapist at Strong Memorial Hospital. The empathy, compassion and determination that make her a successful therapist empower her artistry. Mary’s work reflects true sentiments and emotions that she accesses through her daily interactions with patients from all walks of life and in various stages of health.

Born and raised in upstate New York, Mary spent her childhood literally running from the cold. She kept warm and focused by playing basketball through high school and college. Mary spent twelve years in Baltimore, MD after graduating from Keuka college in 1999 with a degree in Occupational Therapy. The birth of Mary’s niece persuaded her to return to Rochester.

Mary refuses to let the cold chill her creativity. She will continue to explore new styles and techniques and to share her creations locally and across the United States.